Retirement Plan Services

We’re here to make your life easier.

As a full-service, independent consulting firm, registered investment advisor and broker-dealer, we pride ourselves on our dedicated expertise — offering co-fiduciary services and utilizing years of industry experience to make sure you’re getting high-quality services and solutions.

Plan optimization and governance

There are many plan design options — which is right for your organization? We’ll help make sure you have a plan in place, optimized for your workforce needs. We’ll also keep you up to date with standards and regulations, ensuring your fiduciary responsibilities are met.

We offer

  • Fiduciary best-practice development
  • Operational plan review
  • Retirement plan committee development

Investment selection and monitoring

You want appropriate investment options for your workforce demographic — we can help. Our experience and research-based recommendations will help you design an investment lineup that meets the needs of all your employees and their ranging investment experience.

Fiduciary options

  • Investment policy statement: We’ll develop an investment policy statement to serve as your guide, offering an objective course of action including a range of suitable asset classes and general investment options for your plan participants. The IPS will also define search, selection and retention criteria for your plan’s investment managers.
  • Fiduciary services: We offer the option to act in a fiduciary capacity relative to investment selection and monitoring as defined in §3(21) or §3(38) of ERISA. We provide a written retirement plan services and investment advisory agreement in which we acknowledge our fiduciary status for the plan.
    • Option 1: As a §3(21) we are a co-fiduciary, liable for the content of our recommendations, but do not have the authority to make investment decisions. The ultimate authority for selecting the investment options rests with the plan fiduciary.
    • Option 2: As a §3(38) fiduciary we will review investment options, make decisions and ultimately take responsibility for your plan's day-to-day investments.

Vendor management and benchmarking

When was the last time you evaluated your vendors? We’ll help you decide if you’re paying the right price to the right vendor for your organizational needs. Our benchmarking services evaluate your vendors at regular intervals to help you evaluate if what worked for you then is still working for you now.

We offer

  • Current vendor review and fee audit
  • Independent vendor oversight and management
  • Vendor RFP search and selection

Merger and acquisition support

Our merger and acquisition services supplement and complement existing ERISA counsel and other professionals, providing guidance and expertise to ensure a smooth transition so your organization can hit the ground running.

We offer

  • Pre-acquisition analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Post-merger transition management
  • Operational plan review

Financial wellness and employee communication

Enhance your benefits package offering while helping your employees increase productivity, enjoy better health and (ultimately) retire when right for them. We’ll work with you to design financial wellness, strategic communication and education programs to fit your needs and help you realize cost savings.

We offer

  • Plan implementation and monitoring
  • Communication strategies
  • Ongoing reviews and modifications of service agreements
  • Evaluation of tools, resources and vendors